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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, those with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $1.1 million more over a typical 40-year career than someone with only a high school diploma. Jumpstart your career now with the flexible, online BS in Liberal Studies.

Business Administration A.B.A Online

Business Administration (ABA)

Gain a general understanding of the foundations of business with courses in accounting, IT, business law, economics, marketing, and management.

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Business Administration B.B.A. Online

Business Administration (BBA)

Build upon your experiences while learning the necessary skills to promote more productive business practices and processes.

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Bachelor of Liberal Studies in General Studies Degree Completion Program

General Studies

Open the door to new possibilities with a BLS in General Studies with concentrations in Autism Studies and Professional Studies.

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Organization Development and Leadership

Equip yourself with insights and applicable theories to successfully manage and position an organization for success through the effective use of human resources.

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Psychological Studies

Learn to understand the human mind and delve deeper into topics like decision-making, impulses, and nature versus nurture.

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