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HSV 700 Integrative Course in Health Services

Apply your case study knowledge to complete your MS in Health Administration.

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3 credits

The Integrated Capstone Course in Health Services (HSV 700) is the final course in the Master of Science in Health Administration curriculum. In this course, you will integrate and synthesize all prior coursework to demonstrate competence in health services through the creation of an original case study.

Integrated Capstone Course in Health Services Coursework

As the final class, the coursework of HSV 700 allows you to utilize the skills, knowledge, and education gained in this program. The work is centered on selecting a topic and writing an original case study. All course reading materials, discussions, activities, and assignments provide the necessary information and direction needed to write and share an original case in the field of health administration. Interactive sessions are scheduled to discuss and review this content, providing additional learning opportunities to master the course objectives. There are three assignments for the course, all to be done individually, with feedback and reporting components for the benefit of the entire class.

Up for Discussion

Learn from your instructor and peers via interactive discussion forums that can include a variety of health administration case study topics like the example below.

How can level of interest, urgency, and personal satisfaction help you select an original and compelling case study topic?

What You’ll Learn in Integrated Capstone Course in Health Services

The main purpose of HSV 700 is to serve as a cumulative review of complex case study analysis, experience, and development as it relates to health services delivery and management. This represents both a synthesis of content information and knowledge gleaned throughout the master’s curriculum, as well as a demonstration of professional competence in health administration at the graduate level. The course is designed to accomplish both objectives and to give you advanced tools to do this.

The core work revolves around developing a case study in the field of health administration that provides opportunities to analyze information based upon knowledge gained in this curriculum. It is expected that you will utilize the full range of your graduate education to develop an in-depth, critically accurate, and beneficial case that can deliver value and insight in the field of health administration.

Throughout the course, a variety of assignments are offered to help you understand the principle components of casework and what makes for an effective case study. Through such assignments, and the presentation and discussion materials, you will achieve the course objectives and complete your work in this master’s program.

The course culminates with a case study presentation that proves you understand health services case studies; can select and develop a unique topic; are able to prescribe specific rubric and guidelines; use analytical tools for research and writing; and can apply these methods to health care management and administration.

Course Topics

Over the eight-week duration of the course, you’ll review all curriculum topics covered throughout the prior 15 courses. Sample weekly topics may include:

  • Understanding and Defining Case Studies
  • Exploring and Selecting Case Study Topics
  • Reading and Analyzing Existing Cases
  • Prescribing and Applying Rubric and Guidelines
  • Developing and Writing an Original Case Study
  • Using Analytical Tools to Review Case Content and Information
  • Applying Case Study Methods in the Practice of Health Management and Administration
  • Presenting Case Study, Value, and Benefit to Health Managers and Administrators

Course Learning Objectives

All Integrative Capstone Course in Health Services coursework provides you with a broad overview of the analysis and development of complex health administration case studies. Upon completion of the course, you will possess the expertise to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate major content, information, and knowledge acquired throughout the curriculum in the review of existing cases and the development and writing of an original case study.
  • Produce a comprehensive case study on a particular condition, situation, or circumstance in the field of health administration that can have value and benefit for the industry.
  • Apply a prescribed rubric and guidelines in the development and writing of an original case study through the review of existing cases.
  • Understand how the content areas and principles of developing a case study can be applied in the practice of health management and administration.

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