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About Saint Joseph's University

“The online programs provide the students the opportunity to engage with both peers and faculty from across the country and even the world, and in ways that provide different perspectives in their education.”

MS - Criminal Justice

Student Experience: Germaine Hendon (MS Criminal Justice)

“I think Saint Joseph’s offers me the opportunity to be a full-time professional, a full-time mom, as well as a full-time student.”

Student Experience: Steve Heath (MS Criminal Justice)

“The online experience is interesting. I’ve been a police officer for 32 years in a variety of assignments and for me… it was a tremendous exchange of information.”

Faculty of the Criminal Justice Program

“What I enjoy is imparting the scope of knowledge that I’ve amassed over the decades, studying terrorism in particular, but also imparting that information and teaching the students how to look at terrorism in different perspectives.

About the online MS in Criminal Justice

“One of the things that I think about Saint Joseph’s and what makes our program unique is care for the individual. You are always expected to bring something new and innovative to the table.”

MS - Secondary Education

About the MS in Secondary Education

“Saint Joseph’s University provides a foundation of liberal arts experience, but with that we weave around educational content in vision that prepares our students to go into the field as intellectuals. We prepare teachers as leaders.

Student Experience: Kia Lockman (MS Secondary Education)

“The program at Saint Joseph’s offered me a faculty that care, administrators that care… it’s more like a family than being in school – I was not a number.”

Student Experience: Bethanne Mascio (MS Secondary Education)

“I started out as a part-time classroom student in a traditional setting and it was just too much to juggle. When the opportunity arose to take an online program at Saint Joseph’s University, I jumped at it.”

About the MS in Special Education

“The part that’s very interesting --- especially in the era of inclusion --- and what’s very nice about our online programs is that we’re able to have a large array what type students will be in the classroom and are able to address their need

MS - Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Faculty of the Business Intelligence & Analytics Program

“The online nature of the program is ideal because this is business intelligence and analytics – we should be online; We should be exploiting every data opportunity to be able to deal with the globalization of society and our businesses.”

About the MS in Business Intelligence & Analytics

“The faculty [in the Business Intelligence & Analytics program in the Haub School of Business] that is involved in teaching are academically and/or professionally qualified, and someone we found in the industry who happened to have core co

MS - Instructional Technology

About the MS in Instructional Technology

“We prepare high quality faculty who have cutting edge knowledge of online pedagogy. We also have flexibility that traditional programs don’t offer. We prepare teachers as leaders. We believe they must be leaders and visionaries.”

Special Education Certification

Faculty of the Special Education Program

“The people that I deal with as online professors in the program are practitioners… in the sense that they are still in the field right now.”

Accelerated Teaching Certification

About the Accelerated Teaching Certificate

“It allowed me the flexibility to take care of everything I needed to take care of, and still pursue my education.”

MS - Special Education

Student Experience: Julianne Patrick (MS Special Education)

“When I first started the program, I was a little apprehensive about never being face-to-face with an actual professor or teacher… and it has been nothing like that.

MS - Health Administration

About the MS in Healthcare Administration

“Our Master’s in Health Administration program prepares students to be health care leaders and make executive decisions that are impacting and affecting our community as a whole.

Student Experience: Jesus Kain (MS Health Administration)

“When I chose Saint Joseph's University, it was because of the reputation, programs, and people I knew who had a good experience with the programs. Saint Joseph's University offered me an open-ended opportunity to advance my career.”

Post-Master's Certification - Behavior Analysis

Student Experience: Lindsay Dragon (Behavior Analysis Certification)

“The faculty is very responsive and there’s always a way to get in touch with them. They are experts in the field, because most of them are still there.”