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Filling The Vacancy of Teaching Positions – How to Gain a Competitive Edge for the Best Spots

A Master’s in Secondary Education gives you the edge to find the right teaching position for you- Saint Joseph’s University OnlineWhen considering a career change, one of the first concerns is often centered on employability. This is particularly true of those who are changing careers to become a teacher, as many see teaching as a highly competitive industry. News reports of budget cuts and layoffs make young, up-and-coming professionals leery of entering the education field. Thankfully, there is in fact a path to employability if you know where to look – especially if you have competitive credentials. You may not know this, but teacher shortages exist worldwide, making it a great choice for those seeking a stable and rewarding career. A Master of Science in Secondary Education gives you the edge you need to find the right teaching position for you.

Is There a Teacher Shortage?

Constant budget cuts and discussions of overcrowded classrooms makes it hard to believe that states could actually be experiencing teacher shortages too, but the U.S. Department of Education designates new shortage areas every year. South Carolina, Florida, California and many other states struggle to provide quality educations to students, with fewer and fewer qualified educators. In California, the shortage may shortly become critical as baby-boomers reach retirement age and fewer and fewer new graduates seek teaching certification. Between 2003-04 and 2009-10 the number of issued teaching credentials dropped by 40%, and the number of students enrolled in teaching programs dropped by 50%. Decreasing competition makes becoming a leader of education more than a dream. The Master of Science in Secondary Education offered by Saint Joseph's University gives you the skills needed to take a leadership role in education both in the classroom and as an administrator.

Balancing School and Career Choices

Whether continuing your education to become the best possible teacher or trying to make a career change, an online Master's program allows you to pursue your educational goals while also earning a living. Flexible classes and deadline driven assignments make taking credits online a way to meet your financial needs while pursuing a new career. Instead of spending hours in a classroom every week, you work your study time around your schedule. Mobile access helps you stay connected during down times, letting you study as time permits. A research focused curriculum that covers a range of topics from adolescent psychology to diagnostic assessment gives you the skills to lead a middle or high school classroom to academic success. A Master of Science in Secondary Education gives you cutting edge skills to set your resume apart from the crowd. Completing the online program from Saint Joseph's University gives you teaching certification for the State of Pennsylvania, with 33 reciprocity agreements with other states.

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