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The Benefits of Earning Double Certifications in Secondary and Special Education

An online Master’s in Education helps prepare classroom teachers for the transition to become proactive educational leaders who are able to create positive changes and adapt instruction to the needs of various learning styles. Combining your Master's in Education with a double certification in Secondary Education and Special Education gives you added marketability within the teaching industry. Initiatives like "No Child Left Behind," create mixed ability classrooms integrating neuro-typical students with those who have learning impairments and educational delays. In order to meet the needs of these students, teachers need a wider array of educational, social, vocational and emotional teaching skills. A double certification Master's program helps you obtain the specialized skill set you need to advance your career as a teacher.

What do you learn with a double certification program?

Let’s start by describing what a Secondary Teaching Certification is: this is a program to help you accomplish your career goal in educating grades 7-12. With classes in adolescent psychology, diagnostic assessment, language and culture, and more, it’s designed to refine classroom delivery skills while preparing you for new educational challenges. Coursework also explores the underpinnings of educational success by examining the effects of socioeconomic conditions, gender and race on student performance.

The Special Education Certification tackles issues like ethics, values and methodologies used with students who have learning disabilities. Some of the topics covered in this specialized certification program include student assessment, progress monitoring, communication and collaboration, intervention options, adaptive technologies, managing learning environments, and more. This is a program based on Response to Intervention (RTI) and features the latest, evidence-based teaching pedagogy for students with special needs.

Pursing a Master’s in Education online allows teaching professionals to expand their current credentials while still being able to work with their students, applying new knowledge and skills.

Why earn double certification?

Double certifications in Secondary and Special Education provides teachers with additional ways to meet the needs of all students in the classroom. Furthermore, it opens the doors of opportunity and gives you a competitive advantage over other teachers. This advantage strongly aligns with the needs of today’s education market across all geographic regions. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics* reports many school districts are having trouble finding an adequate number of certified special education teachers.

Over the past 10 years, special education enrollment for U.S. students has increased by 30 percent. Between 2010 and 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks special education careers as one of the fastest growing - projected growth of 17 percent translates into 78,000 new jobs.

Becoming a leader in the field of education requires in-depth knowledge of how to engage and teach the youth of today – whether students have special education needs or not. A double certification, earned online, enables you to broaden your career options, improve your marketability and better serve your students. What’s more, at Saint Joseph's University, it only takes 7 extra classes to earn a double certification!

Start advancing your career today with an Online Master of Science in Education with a Secondary Teacher Certification and Special Education Certification (7-12) from Saint Joseph’s University. Call (866) 758-7670 to request more information.

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