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18 Alternatives To A Lecture

An Antidote to "Death by Power Point"
Delivering a dynamic presentation that motivates and engages an audience starts with incorporating new techniques that go beyond the standard lecture format.

This complimentary PDF answers the question, "What tactics should I consider to make my meetings more engaging for the audience?" It's brought to you by Felice J. Tilin, Ph.D., Program Director of the Online Master's in Organization Development and Leadership Program at Saint Joseph's University. Click here to download.

This leadership tool covers meeting tactics that will allow you to:

  • Increase engagement and learning outcomes
  • Enhance your discussion through experiential activities and discussions
  • Engage large audiences and overcome the feel of a static one-way lecture

Please feel free to share this valuable content with your colleagues. After all, when you're sitting in a team member's meeting, you want it to be just as engaging as the ones you conduct!

The online Master's in Organization Development and Leadership is not just an advanced degree, it's a dynamic program that will unlock your potential to motivate, lead and inspire those around you. Real leaders don't wait to be chosen. If you're ready to rise up, contact us today.