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The Value of Practitioners in Health Care Administration

If you are interested in making the move from being a practitioner to working in health care administration, you will be pleased to know that you have many valuable assets to bring to the table. According to a review on 300 of the top ranked hospitals in the United States, doctor-run hospitals performed 25 to 33 percent better than hospitals that were run by non-practitioners (Physician-Leaders and Hospital Performance: Is There an Association: Amanda H. Goodall; July 2011).

Why Practitioners May Make Better Health Care Administrators

Generally, practitioners are focused on the well-being of the patient and health care administrators are focused on the financial well-being of the hospital, and its shareholders, to ensure practitioners are able to offer the best care possible. Both are important and vital to good patient outcomes. Patients need good care, but hospitals also must remain financially viable in order to stay in business and provide that patient care. Your practitioner background providing health services gives you the experience to combine good patient care with sound financial hospital practices.

Health care administrators often have a tough job. Limited funds can make providing hospital services a challenge and budget cuts are often necessary. As a practitioner, you may be able to determine which policy changes and budget cuts will have the least negative impact on patient care. In addition, when it comes to making policy changes to improve patient care, practitioners may have a good understanding of what changes are needed and a realistic view of how those changes will affect patient care and medical staff morale.

Making the Switch From Practitioner to Health Care Administrator

Your experience as a practitioner, combined with a graduate level education in health care administration, is the perfect match for the health care administration field. You have the health care services experience; now you need to get the right educational experience. Saint Joseph's University offers the perfect solution to help you reach these goals: a Master's degree in Health Administration with two concentrations to choose from: Informatics and Health Care Ethics. You can earn your degrees online, making it easier to fit your education into your business schedule. Most importantly, the Master's in Health Administration degrees at Saint Joseph's University will provide you with the tools to make a positive difference in health care.

To learn more about the Master of Science in Health Administration from Saint Joseph’s University, call (866) 758-7670 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.