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How to Maximize and Leverage Completed College Credits to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

It is never too late to continue your education and expand your career options. Earning a bachelor's degree increases your earning potential and opens up doors to a variety of different leadership roles. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, average earnings for college graduates exceed the earnings from high school graduates by about $30,805 in a single year. Completing your bachelor's degree not only provides the potential for higher wages but increased job satisfaction as well.

Do you already have some college credits? Do they span a wide range of subject matter? These credits may be a perfect fit for a degree in professional and liberal studies. A bachelor degree completion program enables you to use previous college experience to expedite the time of completing your degree thereby reducing the cost.

Understanding a Bachelor's Completion Program

As you considering a degree completion program, assess credits you have already completed that can be applied towards a bachelor’s degree. Perhaps you’ve gone to one or more community colleges, or maybe you started at a major university, but deferred your education for personal reasons. You may have even completed police or fire academy, which can be counted as credit toward some programs. The bottom line is that these experiences can be leveraged for timely degree completion and cost savings. By transferring previous coursework you can often start degree specific classes more quickly.

Saint Joseph’s University offers an online bachelor's degree completion program that allows you to transfer up to 75 previously completed credit hours. There is no limit to the number of schools you can transfer credits from. As long as the school meets the accepted educational standards and you received an acceptable grade, your transcript can take years and dollars off of earning your bachelor's degree.

Finishing Your Education with an Online Liberal Studies Degree

A BS in Professional and Liberal Studies, like the one offered at Saint Joseph’s University, puts you in a position to enter a wide variety of industries (link to the other PLS article, what can I do with a PLS degree). The program offers powerful writing and problem solving skills that are invaluable in any position or industry. This degree brings together psychology, sociology and communication to equip students with applicable skills to successfully manage organizations for success. Graduates are positioned to be change agents to assess the interactions of employees, strategic development, ethical considerations and policies.

For even more convenience, how about earning this versatile degree online? Completing your degree online is a great way to expand your career opportunities while enjoying the flexibility to arrange your studies around your professional and personal schedule.

Finishing what you started, it takes magis.

Start your transfer process today and finish what you've started. Call (866) 758-7670 or request more information to start the transfer process and finish what you’ve started.

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