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Online Wilson Reading System® Certification

According to the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress report (NAEP), millions of students in schools across the nation struggle to read every day.

The online Wilson Reading System® Certification program from Saint Joseph's University provides teachers with the skills needed to help students become fluent, independent readers, using multi-sensory, structured language programs and strategies to teach reading and spelling successfully.

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is implemented in public and private schools, literacy volunteer organizations, clinics, adult basic education classes, family literacy programs, correctional facilities and home school environments across the country. WRS directly teaches the structure of words in the English language so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling.

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Earning the Wilson Reading System® Certification online will equip you with the knowledge you need to work with students who have a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia, as well as those who are reading below grade level.

Through this innovative online WRS program, you can earn a Wilson Reading System® Certification and/or complete additional courses to earn a Master's degree in Special Education in addition to your certification.

The benefits of earning your Wilson Reading System® Certification online include:

  • Log into class straight from your laptop or home computer.
  • Work comfortably at your own pace.
  • Take advantage of the ability to connect and work with a vast array of online learners.
  • Conveniently submit assignments electronically.

To learn more about the online Wilson Reading System® Certification program from Saint Joseph’s University and what it can do for your career, call (866) 758-7670 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.

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