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Special Education Certification Curriculum

Our Special Education curriculum is designed for general educators who wish to meet the demands of educating students with special needs in a variety of school environments. You will have the ability to apply the skills you have developed immediately in your career.

Pre-requisite: Level 1 certifications in Early Childhood Development and/or Elementary Education and/or Secondary Education

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Students will receive their MS in Special Education by completing just 9 more credits or they can attain their MS in Special Education specializing in the Wilson Reading System® by completing just 10 more credits.

  • SPE 600 Current Issues in Special Education: Theoretical Practice and Procedures
  • SPE 608 Families, Schools, and Communities: Communication and Collaboration
  • SPE 602 Diagnostic Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  • SPE 603 Theory and Instructional Practice: Students with High Incidence Disabilities
  • SPE 604 Research-based Models and Procedures: Literacy, Written and Oral Language, and Reading in the Content Areas
  • SPE 605 Research-based Models and Procedures: Mathematics and Science Procedures
  • SPE 612 Inclusive Classroom Practices
  • SPE 606 Theory and Instructional Practice: Students with Emotional/Social and Behavioral Disorders
  • SPE 607 Theory and Instructional Practice: Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

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