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Online Learning through Accredited Online Master's Degree Programs

Saint Joseph's University has online degree programs in business, criminal justice, education, and health care. These Master's level degrees help our students develop skill sets that carry over into their professional lives. Currently, we offer the following degrees online:

Masters in Business Intelligence
The Masters in Business Intelligence program helps you gain a solid foundation in both technology and quantitative decision making tools that will aid your ability to interpret information. This program seeks to put the technology and mathematical concepts into a relevant, functional business application context.

Organization Development and Leadership
Masters in Organization Development and Leadership
The Masters in Organization Development and Leadership (MODL) degree is an innovative organizational leadership degree that offers the business skills of an MBA with a focus on building your leadership skills.

Criminal Justice
Masters in Criminal Justice
The Masters in Criminal Justice is designed to meet the graduate educational needs of those pursuing careers in traditional law enforcement fields such as corrections, courts, police, and probation; in administrative and management positions in criminal justice and private security; in intelligence analysis positions at the local, state, or federal level; and in law and paralegal occupations. The program has two concentrations:
Behavior Analysis
Homeland Security

Masters in Instructional Technology
Our program provides you with scientifically researched information that will prepare you to step into any of the Instructional Technology Specialist jobs available across a variety of educational settings.

Masters in Secondary Education
The Masters in Secondary Education prepares you for positions in middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools as a professional classroom teacher, supervising teacher, or department chairperson, and allows you to apply the skills you have developed immediately in your career. In addition to a Master's degree in Secondary Education, you will be qualified to apply for secondary Teacher Certification (OATCERT).

Masters in Special Education
The Masters in Special Education provides you with scientifically researched knowledge that will prepare you as a general educator to teach in inclusive classroom environments or to step into any Special Education position and allows you to apply the skills you have developed immediately in your career.

Health Care
Masters in Health Administration
Saint Joseph's University online master's degree in health administration is a comprehensive program for health care professionals who need the foundation of a business perspective applied to the health delivery system.