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Earn a Master's Degree in Organization Development and Leadership

A Leadership Experience in an Advanced Degree

Leadership isn’t just a theory, nor is it a simple set of scientific concepts that can be lifted and applied straight from a manual. Real leaders understand that leadership is a process of self-discovery, one-on-one interaction, motivation and inspiration. The online Master’s in Organization Development and Leadership (MODL) from Saint Joseph’s University transcends typical management degree programs to create an experience that will build your leadership skills in real-time as you apply concepts from class directly into your current career.

By the time you graduate with an online MODL degree from Saint Joseph’s University, you’ll have analyzed and evaluated the culture of your company, studied the strengths and development opportunities of your own mind and personality, and met face-to-face with your classmates and professors to learn the intricacies of human interaction while building powerful personal and professional connections. This environment of experiential learning sets Saint Joseph’s University apart with an MODL degree program built for the demands of the modern marketplace.

Online Learning With a Collaboration System and Residency

Collaboration is a foundation of leadership. That’s why the MODL degree from Saint Joseph’s University is designed for maximum group interaction through a dynamic online learning and collaboration system. Complete group assignments and projects while honing your team building and leadership skills, all without sacrificing the convenience and flexibility of online education. Every MODL student also takes part in an intense, four-day residency in Change Leadership at the Saint Joseph’s University campus in Philadelphia. There, you’ll interact with professors and peers to study the interpersonal skills required to be an effective facilitator of change.

Saint Joseph’s University’s flexible online learning format enables busy professionals to advance their careers without sacrificing their current job or time with family. You will be able to complete school work and schedule study time around your existing obligations. There has never been a more convenient way to increase professional credentials and acquire valuable skills in leadership and organizational development.

The Saint Joseph’s University Difference

Earning an online MODL degree from Saint Joseph’s University isn’t just a single step in the process of becoming a great leader. The degree is the process in which students will be able to draw from the expertise of their faculty and develop themselves as leaders throughout the program. Rooted in theory, and built on real-world experience, the online MODL degree will help you unlock your leadership potential and take your career to new, rewarding heights.

The ROI of an Advanced Degree

Discover More about the Master’s of Organization Development and Leadership

Take a moment to gain more insight on this growing field by visiting St. Joseph’s University’s content resource center where you will find tools, tips and thoughts specific to Organization Development and Leadership.

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