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Effective leadership, effective organization, affective care

Online Master’s in Health Administration

Superior patient care begins and ends with effective administration of the complex and ever-evolving health care delivery system. The online Master of Science in Health Administration (HAD) from Saint Joseph’s University is a practice-based program designed to give you the skills and experience necessary to immediately improve the performance of your organization and advance your own career.

Taught by an experience-rich team of professors assembled from various segments of the health care industry, the online Master of Science in Health Administration from Saint Joseph’s University goes beyond theories and generalities of Health Administration to deliver practical lessons specific to today’s health care challenges. From courses in health care law taught by working health care attorneys, to health care ethics classes led by key executives in the non-profit industry, the online Health Administration curriculum is developed for the modern health care marketplace and delivered by experts in the field.

To learn more about what to expect in the Health Administration field, read A Day in the Life of a Health Care Administrator: What to Expect.

Career-focused Concentration and General Track

Saint Joseph’s University’s online Master of Science in Health Administration gives students a choice between an in-demand, career-oriented concentration or General Track (highlighted below). In an effort to better encapsulate what a future student of SJU’s online HAD program can expect in either this concentration or General Track, a sample of their respective courses has been included with a brief description of each:

  • General Track – This General Track explores the complex moral and ethical health care considerations that often dominate executive-level decision making. By examining issues from genetic testing before birth to end-of-life care and euthanasia, students will gain new perspective on proper health care administration at an individual and policy-making level.
    • HED 552 Epidemiology and Community Health: An introductory course exploring the basic concepts of epidemiology as a public health science, including rates and ratios, risk and association, and causation and investigation of outbreak.
    • HED 559 Health Policy: The formulation and analysis of health policy at federal, state, local, and corporate levels. This course presents an overview of the legislative, regulatory, and political processes and their effect on the health care system. Provides a conceptual and analytic framework for policy analysis regarding policy formulation, adoption, implementation, operation, evaluation, and termination. Pragmatic application of policy analysis tools is included.
  • Informatics – Effective management, development and evaluation of electronic medical records and other emerging health care technologies is the focus of this concentration. Built for today’s rapidly changing digital health care environment, the Informatics concentration covers issues related to IT infrastructure and applications with emphasis on improving the quality of care through enhanced data management.
    • HAD 561 Health Care and the Internet: Examination of the specific roles that internet technology plays in health care. Observations and trends that play a significant role in improving the quality of health care delivery will be discussed. Various components such as intranets, extranets, knowledge management, and web design concepts will be explored.
    • HAD 562 Health Information Management Systems Data and Infrastructure: Analysis and case study of IT networks, internets, data interchange, data access, and data management.
    • HAD 564 Computer-Based Patient Record (CPR): An in-depth analysis of the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) standards, requirements, attributes, and benefits of the CPR and its use in the health care delivery enterprise. The use of data warehouses, data repositories, and integration technology will be explored relevant to CPR development along with the various issues and strategies for implementation.

The Saint Joseph’s University Difference

Alumni from the Saint Joseph’s University’s online Master of Science in Health Administration program include Fortune 500 executives from the private sector and administrators of some of America’s top hospitals, including Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Frequent, dynamic interaction with fellow students and industry-sourced faculty give Saint Joseph’s University HAD graduates distinct insight into the health care administration marketplace and a tangible advantage in their career pursuits.

Take a moment to gain more insight on this growing field by visiting Saint Joseph’s University’s content resource center where you will find tools, tips and thoughts specific to Health Administration.

To learn more about the Master of Science in Health Administration from Saint Joseph’s University, call (866) 758-7670 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.

Effective Leadership. Effective Organization. Affective Care.