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Master’s in Criminal Justice: Behavior Management Courses

The Behavior Management concentration of the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph’s University combines coursework in professional skills with classes targeting foundational knowledge and therapeutic approaches to behavior management in minors.

The 30-credit curriculum requires degree candidates to take the following four (4) core criminal justice courses:

Core Courses (12 credits)

  1. CRJ 550 Research Methods and Analysis
  2. CRJ 560 Criminological Theory
  3. CRJ 565 Ethics and Criminal Justice
  4. CRJ 570 Professional Writing for Law Enforcement

Concentration coursework is made up of four required behavior management classes from six specialized offerings and two electives.

Concentration Courses (12 credits; four required)

CRJ 615 Youth Cultures and Deviance
This course explores economic, cultural, political and social perspectives on American youth based on sociological theory. Special attention will be paid to youth popular culture and the unique social problems facing young adults, such as gangs, drugs, suicide and teen pregnancy.

CRJ 616 Juvenile Justice & Delinquency
Get a contemporary overview of theoretical and programmatic issues and concerns in juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice system, including a review of recent research. Coursework also focuses on a critical review of the trends in problem solving and delivery of services to this population.

CRJ 617 Mental Health and the Law
This course serves to give an understanding of mental health and mental health professionals within the criminal justice context. Particular attention will be paid to current and historical areas of intersection between mental health and criminal justice.

CRJ 618 Therapeutic Strategies in Criminal Justice
Examine the application of basic counseling principles to varied criminal justice settings, from adult correctional institutions to post-release situations. Special emphasis is given to innovative methods and programs.

CRJ 619 Foundations of Addiction
This course provides an understanding of substance abuse problems and addiction in American society as well as its human and social consequences. It is designed to provide a framework for exploring the effects of these problems on the many aspects of American culture including the individual, families, the criminal justice system, the healthcare system and the workplace. Course content will also include a critical analysis of current and past treatment interventions.

CRJ 620 Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse/Behavioral Health Treatment
Explore best practices in behavioral management, including practice guidelines, treatments that are efficacious and evidence-based treatments for substance abuse and addiction.

Electives (six credits; two required)

Choose from any Criminal Justice or PSE course.

For more information about this degree program and behavior management training at Saint Joseph’s University request more information, or call us today at (866) 758-7670.

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