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Frequently Asked Questions about Organization Development and Leadership

We strive to make earning the online Master of Organization Development and Leadership degree from Saint Joseph's University accessible for busy working adults. The following common questions and answers will help you as you begin the journey to becoming more valuable and more promotable within your organization.

Q. How and when do I get started?
A. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Request Information or contact an admissions representative at (866) 758-7670 for enrollment information.

Q. How many sessions a year do you offer?
A. In order to align with the demanding schedules of today's professionals, we offer 6 sessions per year. Each session is 8 weeks in duration. Request Information for the next start date.

Q. What kind of educational background is required to apply?
A. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.8 is required along with 4 years of relevant work experience for the online MODL program. A GPA under 2.8 may be considered with sufficient relevant work experience.

Q. How many total credits are required?
A. The MODL online program consists of 36 credit hours, which includes ten courses and one residency. GPA's under 2.5 will be considered for applicants with over 10 years of strong professional work history.

Q. How many courses do I take per academic term?
A. Most adult students, who work full-time, take 3 credit hours of courses per eight-week session. The online MODL program offers six academic sessions per year, which means that most students take 18 credit hours of courses per year.

Q. What can you tell me about the residency?
A. You will complete one residency during the online MODL program. The 6 credit residency is held over a long weekend (Thursday afternoon to Sunday) several times a year.

Q. Is advising available for all students?
A. Yes. Each student receives a customized Curriculum Planner for the online MODL program and can set up a telephone appointment to speak with an advisor whenever assistance is needed.

Have more questions? Call us today at (866) 758-7670.

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