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Organization Development and Leadership

Students enrolled in SJU’s Master’s in Organization Development and Leadership (MODL) program recently had the opportunity to hear from some senior consultants with the Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group as they discussed the importance of inclusivity.

Pursuing a graduate level degree online can be a very different experience for most students when compared to their undergraduate studies. Rather than reminisce about your all night study sessions in the college library, there are more accurate ways to determine how you will do as an online graduate student.

It is daunting returning to school as an adult especially when navigating the relatively-new academic frontier of online education. Although textbooks and a syllabus may still be familiar, compressing traditional semesters into eight-week segments might be a new obstacle that may trip up newcomers.

You can feel excited or terrified—or a little of both—upon taking the final steps to embark on earning a graduate degree. Starting an online school experience is very different from moving into a dorm or entering a classroom, and all of these experiences can be overwhelming in their own way.