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Online Post-Master’s Certificate in Homeland Security

The safety of the United States and its people from terrorists became a top priority for the government after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Consequently, there is a growing need for professionals skilled in the creation, implementation and execution of plans and strategies to respond to terrorist threats as well as natural disasters.

Saint Joseph’s University's online Homeland Security Certificate program offers you the opportunity to enhance your professional development in the criminal justice field or shift the focus of your career to national security issues. The certification program offers immersion in the subject of homeland security at a graduate level without the time commitment or expense of a master's degree.

The post-graduate certificate program is made up of six courses that cover the fundamentals of homeland security issues and procedures, including the detection and analysis of illegal financial transactions; an overview of terrorism and its historical, political and religious underpinnings; risk assessment; and the responsibilities and roles of the various government agencies involved in homeland security initiatives and programs.

The online format of the certification in Homeland Security offers you the flexibility and convenience of earning a degree while continuing to fulfill your professional obligations. Courses are taught by faculty with extensive experience who stress the real-world applications of learning concepts.

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