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Behavior Analysis Certification from All Angles

Why get a behavioral analyst certification?

From education and human resource development to criminal justice rehabilitation and mental health services, the science of Behavior Analysis has taken root in a variety of professions and career fields.The need for experienced behavioral analysts to develop behavior changing strategies for patients, students, and corporations has increased, making the online Behavior Analysis Certificate from Saint Joseph’s University an effective way to promote flexibility and spark upward mobility as you pursue your professional goals.

Approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), Saint Joseph’s University’s online Behavior Analysis Certification program will prepare you to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Exam. In fact, one of the ten BACB members who develop and oversee the exam is an online faculty member at Saint Joseph’s University, meaning your Behavior Analysis education will come directly from the men and women at the cutting edge of this emerging discipline.

Once Board Certified, you can stand apart in an already-exclusive community of Behavior Analysis experts who are currently in high demand. School systems nationwide are engaging Behavior Analysts to develop policies and procedures and work directly with children and young adults to improve educational outcomes and address behavior challenges. Corporations large and small are discovering the role Behavior Analysis can play in maximizing employee performance and productivity. In the criminal justice system, meanwhile, Behavior Analysis is revolutionizing law enforcement at all stages, from crime prevention to criminal rehabilitation.

Behavioral Analysis in Education

With classrooms growing larger and the number of special needs children increasing, there has never been a greater need for behavioral analysis in schools. Analysts working in education help develop classroom management strategies that curb bad behaviors and reward good ones. They also work with children to determine the causes of behavioral disorders and learning obstacles and use principles of learning and child psychology to help students with exceptionalities excel in the classroom.

A behavioral analysis certificate is a valuable credential for a teacher, educator, or education administrator, and for anyone working in the fields of school counseling or childhood development.

Behavioral Analysis in Human Resources

Small Businesses, international corporations, and everyone in between need behavioral analysis experts to optimize organizational behavior and enhance employee performance. Human resource managers and behavioral analysis consultants work directly with companies and to help increase workplace productivity and ensure a positive work environment for employees. 

Behavioral Analysis in Criminal Justice

Behavioral analysis specialists work in the court system, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations as advocates, probation officers, caseworkers, and criminology professionals. These specialists rely on behavioral analysis techniques and observational methodologies to help guide individuals away from destructive practices and toward behavioral objectives. 

Behavioral Analysis in Mental Health Services

Applied behavioral analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy have become the primary methods of diagnosis and treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Obtaining an ABA certificate allows you to obtain the skills you need to work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, nursing homes, and community centers as a counselor, care aid, social worker or behavioral health specialist in order to help patients who suffer from mental and emotional disorders, substance abuse, developmental disorders, and other conditions that cause behavior difficulty. 

From the convenience of your home or office, and with minimal disruption to your busy schedule, the online Behavior Analysis Certification from Saint Joseph’s University is a cost-effective, career-building tool that can pay immediate dividends to your professional development.

To learn more about the online Behavior Analysis Certificate from Saint Joseph’s University and what it can do for your career, call (866) 758-7670 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.

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