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Instructional Design and Technology Course Descriptions

Rich in hands-on experience with the latest design theories and technologies, the online curriculum of the Instructional Design and Technology Master’s program at Saint Joseph’s University is designed to pay immediate dividends in the context of better organizational performance and the development of your career. For educators, the cutting-edge curriculum will ensure that the technology tools in your classroom are fully utilized today and ready for the innovations of tomorrow.

The 36-credit-hour online program includes a graduate internship that can be completed within your current organization or in a field environment that matches your career goals. The online MS in Education degree also includes your choice of electives designed to align the curriculum with your needs.

ITS 605 Technology Applications for Learning Environments
ITS 610 Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies
ITS 615 Interactive and Emerging Technologies
ITS 620 Multimedia Productions
ITS 625 Research in Instructional Technology
ITS 630 Instructional Design
SPE 630 Design and Technologies for Differentiated Instruction

ITS 635 Networks: Config & Implementation
ITS 640 Technology Planning
ITS 645 Teaching and Learning at a Distance
ITS 646 Cultural/Linguistic Diversity and Technology
ITS 655 Delivering Instruction Using Interactive Peripherals
ITS 695 Instructional Technology Internship

ITS 605 Technology Applications for Learning Environments* (3 credit hours)
Students explore the role of technology in the classroom. A special emphasis will be placed on the use of technology as a mind tool to create a constructivist, higher-order thinking, and learning environment. Students will gain proficiency in a wide range of technologies and apply the instructional systems design process to all projects.

ITS 610 Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies* (3 credit hours)
This course provides an in-depth study of the theoretical foundations of learning and instruction as they apply to the interactive technologies.

ITS 615 Interactive and Emerging Technologies* (3 credit hours)
This course identifies and describes tools that promote the design and delivery of instruction, including application software that facilitates interaction among instructors, learners and content. Additionally, it will explore the potential instructional and learning affordances of new internet technologies and the ways in which they might be used to promote communication and collaboration and to support authentic learning environments. Topics covered will include presentation software, web authoring and Web 2.0 tools, mashup creation, virtual reality, online communities, and the social implications of using such tools in the learning environment.

ITS 620 Multimedia Productions* (3 credit hours)
Students demonstrate proficiency in the development of multimedia and will develop instructionally effective multimedia products. They will be exposed to and utilize basic computer hardware and software and techniques found in multimedia production. They will utilize object-based and pixel-based graphics software to create and edit instructional images. They will plan, produce and edit a digital video and audio sequence to be used as part of a multimedia production.

ITS 625 Research in Instructional Technology* (3 credit hours)
Students explore ways that research has contributed to the field of instructional technology. The scientific method will be examined and students will be expected to classify basis types of educational research by purpose and method. They will prepare a preliminary research plan and describe how they would conduct and evaluate survey research. The students will describe both qualitative and quantitative research models.

ITS 630 Instructional Design* (3 credit hours)
This course serves to introduce and provide experience with the systems approach to the design of instruction and training. The major components of instructional design models, along with their respective functions will be presented. This is an applications course that provides both introductory information and application of skills and techniques necessary in the design, development, and evaluation of sound instructional products. These skills are particularly pertinent for efficient and cost effective development of effective solutions to novel instructional problems.

SPE 630 Design and Technologies for Differentiated Instruction* (3 credit hours)
This course provides comprehensive coverage of issues within the field of special education as it relates to instructional personnel's use of technology. Content coverage will include the special education process, informal and formal assessment, and research-based instructional and collaborative practices for students with disabilities and English Language Learners. The activities and assignments are designed to advance the knowledge and skills of the instructional technology specialist.

ITS 635 Networks: Config & Implementation (3 credit hours)
In this course, students will explore computer networking fundamentals and will investigate issues surrounding network performance, security and management, and emerging trends that affect computer networks. As part of this course, students will also begin exploring wireless networks and their implementation. Students will build projects related to network design that draw on their personal and professional experiences.

ITS 640 Technology Planning* (3 credit hours)
Students formulate a systematic process for the identification, selection, use, and evaluation of technology within the curriculum. Students will create technology plan projects for the classroom, building, district, regional levels and/or industry. Consideration will be given to a number of issues which affect the procurement and use of technology in schools and/or industry. Students will also choose a specific technology in which they will develop expertise for use in curriculum planning.

ITS 645 Teaching and Learning at a Distance (3 credit hours)
This course prepares students with knowledge, skills, and tools in the area of distance communications. Topics covered include communications technology, delivery systems, instructional development for distance (online) education, and program quality assessment.

ITS 646 Cultural/Linguistic Diversity and Technology* (3 credit hours)
This course introduces students to key theories, issues, and practices related to promoting the language and literacy development of culturally and linguistically diverse students (Pre-K-12), with a special focus on English language learners (ELLs). Candidates will learn how to use the PA Language proficiency standards and PA academic standards to plan instruction in a culturally and linguistically diverse setting. Assigned readings, class discussions, video recordings, library and online research, and a field experience in a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom will engage candidates in the course topics.

ITS 655 Delivering Instruction Using Interactive Peripherals* (3 credit hours)
Students will learn how to deliver instruction using iPads, smartboards and Student Response Systems. By the end of the class, students will have learned how to produce presentations to use with peripherals, develop a training session using the ADDIE Model and understand how to set up a “Flipped Classroom."

ITS 695 Instructional Technology K-12 Internship* (6 credit hours)
As the last course in a student's graduate coursework the internship allows students to put into practice the theory from previous coursework in a K-12 environment or a corporate setting. An internship is at least 12 weeks and must be directly related to the general content of the master's program.

*course requirements for PA certification to be done in a K-12 environment

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