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Certification for Instructional Design and Technology Specialists

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."
~John Dewey

Today's students require educators who understand and know how to use technology in the classroom. Through the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification from Saint Joseph's University, you will be prepared to take on an important and growing role in the K-12 school environment.

At Saint Joseph's University, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in education, and our goal is to prepare top-quality educators capable of serving instructional design and technology leadership roles in a school, a school district, or a regional educational setting. We provide solid, scientifically research-based information to our students, equipping them with vital skills that can be directly applied to their positions as Teachers, Instructional Coordinators, Instructional Designers, or Instructional Technology Specialists. Graduates of our instructional technology degree program enter the workforce equipped with the following foundation and skillset:

  • Advanced understanding of the role of technology in the classroom
  • The tech savvy required to comfortably integrate technology into lectures and coursework and teach technology skills to students
  • Expertise in instructional systems design
  • Familiarity with learning assistance technology and its role in teaching special needs and English language learners
  • Background in education research and instructional design research
  • Experience with how to write a research proposal
  • Knowledge of how to design a curriculum to include interactive technologies and social media platforms
  • Grounding in theories of learning and strategies for creating technological solutions for current problems in education
  • Familiarity with interactive software and multimedia production
  • Practical experience obtained through an instructional design internship

An online Instructional Design and Technology Master’s program is also available and may be earned alone (MS in Education) or in conjunction with the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification.

The benefits of earning your Certification in Instructional Design and Technology online:

The convenient online format of the Instructional Technology Certification accommodates nearly any schedule and gives you the freedom to earn your degree and achieve your educational goals, while meeting your professional obligations.

  • Log into class straight from your laptop or home computer
  • Work comfortably at your own pace
  • Take advantage of the ability to connect and work with a vast array of online learners
  • Conveniently submit assignments electronically

For more information about how earning the online Instructional Technology Specialist Certification can improve your career options, call us today at (866) 758-7670 or request more information.

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